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Enter our oasis of relaxation and relish in rejuvenation. Our licensed massage therapists are here to provide you with a calming experience through their bodywork. This is your moment to take a little “me time." If you are suffering from strain and aches, or just want to treat yourself, we can recommend the best massage for you. Give yourself something to look forward to; you deserve it - schedule a massage by clicking below or contacting us at (405) 285-9594. If you're looking to take the spoiling to the next level, ask about our traveling chair massage.

Massage by Darla

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Cupping Therapy

Lay Back & Relax

Cupping is a safe, alternative form of medicine that involves creating suction by placing special cups on the skin. It has been known to offer various health benefits, such as loosening muscles and facilitating relaxation, similar to massage therapy but without the intense pressure. The vacuum suction created by the cup will cause the skin to rise and your blood vessels to expand, signaling the release of soft tissue and engaging your nervous system. Your cupping therapist can take your session further by moving the cups back and forth, which is known as a negative pressure massage but be careful, you may find yourself falling asleep before it’s over! If you’re ready to soothe your body and relax your mind, book your appointment now with our wonderful cupping therapist.

Cupping is used to promote blood flow and healing to treat various ailments.

Ailments Treated with Cupping:

  • Pain (back & neck)

  • Inflammation

  • Lack of blood flow

  • Stress

  • Muscle Stiffness

  • High blood pressure

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety

  • Migraines

*The suction can cause temporary red circles to appear on the skin. You can expect your skin to return to normal in anywhere from days to weeks – each person varies.